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Yolanda's Family

Yolanda's Family NGO houses homeless children in Burundi to provide them a home, quality education and an opportunity for social integration.

OUR GOALS ARE: Getting children...
  • - To get away from marginalization and poverty.
  • - To return with their families whenever possible.
  • - To not feel alone if they do not have families.
  • - To be well fed.
  • - To learn and study.
  • - To find a job that allows them to live in dignity.
  • - To be integrated in society.
WHAT WE DO: We provide children...
  • - A foster home.
  • - School attendance for the youngest children.
  • - Training courses for the oldest children(mechanics, sewing, hairdressing...)
  • - Boost for job placement through grants and workshops.
  • - Psychological and health assistance.
  • - Fun activities (sports, music ...).
  • - Assistance to those families who want to host a child.