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Yolanda’s Family is a non-profit association. In mid 2006 the Non Governmental Organization (NGO) title from the Republic of Burundi was officially achieved. This has eased our help petitions to Agencies as the Worldwide Food Program (WFP) and UNICEF, whom have provided all kind of material support: blankets, clothes, containers, etc.

Since 2007 we are in the Registry of Associations of the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation and Development (ACEDID), what entitles to access to several financial helps from different agencies and organizations in Spain.

Contributions to our bank account in Spain are very welcome:

Banco Santander (BS)
ES12 0049-6014-70-2416156831

Become a member! Call (+34) 91 620 21 51 & 687 25 42 48 48 o or send the Supporter Member Form. Click here to download the form.